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Florian Kasan


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Some little facts about Florian Kasan

Florian was born in 1993 and grow up in a small town near Neubrandenburg.

Artists that influenced Florian most

Alex Q, Mollono.Bass, Oscar, Rodriguez Jr. and more…


He first made contact with electronic music when he was 16. His friend Mark Synth pushed him into the right direction. After he visited some partys and watched the DJs, there came one thought to his mind: „I want this, too!“ First he practiced at home only for himself. His first gig he had in the Mixtape Club Neubrandenburg early in 2012. Producing music didn’t play a great role at this time. It was Marcus Mahler, who gave him an insight into Ableton Live and smoothed the way for Florian’s first own productions. Florian Kasan’s style could be characterized as melodic, dreamy and emotional. His music has the mission to cause goosebumps, so it was obvious to give his stile one simple name: Goosebumptronic!

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